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60 mins | ¥12,000

The Classic

90 mins | ¥17,000


120 mins | ¥22,000

Meet Tomoko


Hi, I'm Tomoko

I am a licensed esthetician based in Tokyo, specializing in various types of facial treatments.

My goal is to provide the skin care guidance you've been searching for right in the heart of Tokyo.

All my treatments are highly tailored to each client's concerns and skin type. Each person's skin is just as  unique and special as you are.

Born and raised in Japan, I was always fascinated by beauty and held a deep curiosity about the outside world.  During my teenage years, I was determined to live in New York City one day, the city so full of energy and diversity. My dream came true when I moved to New York as a college student. After graduating, I started working in the corporate environment in my 20s. However, my passion always remained with skincare, wellness & beauty. Therefore, I followed my heart, left my corporate job and became a New York State licensed esthetician.

​After suffering from eczema and adult acne, I began to believe ever more in the importance of maintaining good skin. Not only is the skin the biggest organ of the body, but our skin also reflects one's inner well-being and affects one's self confidence.

I relocated to Japan in 2020 and felt my mission was to create a special place in Tokyo where each treatment would be specifically tailored to each unique individual. That's when I decided to start my own venture, Glow by Tomoko. At my salon, not one treatment is the same.  I also wanted to build a space where English-speaking clients can discuss their skin concerns and achieve their skin goals effectively, which I noticed was difficult to find in Japan.  I incorporate everything I learned in New York into cutting-edge Japanese skincare knowledge & technique to create my own unique treatments that are both relaxing and result oriented.

I am committed to helping my clients look and feel their best through skin care.

One facial at a time.