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Gentle enzyme face wash that comes in a fine powder form.

Add a small amount of water and it turns into gentle foaming lather. Mildly removes dead skin cells and impurities without overstripping skin's natural barrier.

Calming ingredients, such as grapeseed extract and licorice extract prevent dehydration and irritation.

Lekarka - Ion Clear Washing Powder (50g)


This is a gentle foaming face wash that comes in a fine powder form. Add a small amount of lukewarm water, and it turns into gentle foaming lather.  I have seen amazing results for reducing stubborn blackheads.


A perfect combination of 3 enzymes (Papain, Protease, and Lipase) helps to break down excess oil, dead skin cells and impurities on the skin, which can improve acne, uneven skin tone, and clogged pores, leaving your skin smooth and brighter.


Natural Fulvic acid is another hero in this powder cleanser.  

Fulvic acid in this cleanser comes from humic shale mines in Utah, USA. The decayed plant deposits in this soil are a rich source of Fulvic acid, which contain about 70 different trace minerals beneficial for the skin. These plant derived minerals are extracted from plants that lived over 75 million years ago. This mineral-rich layer of the earth provides us with plant-based minerals that can penetrate deep into the skin, delivering essential minerals and nutrients to skin cells.  Moreover, Plant derived minerals have a natural negative electrical charge, which can naturally cleanse excess oil and impurities on the skin  without relying on harsh chemicals.


Also, Mandelic acid in this cleanser helps gently exfoliate the surface of the skin. Mandelic acid is an AHA known for its anti-bacterial and brightening properties as well.


Calming ingredients, such as