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Light-weight creamy serum that gives skin a serious hydration boost due to 5 different molecular sizes of hyaluronic acid. Stem cell culture media containing myriad growth factors repair and regenerate skin cells.

DRBB - Essence (Hydrating Serum 30ml)


This light-weight creamy serum is fast absorbing, giving skin a serious boost in hydration thanks to five different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid. Different molecular sizes of hyaluronic acid can target different layers of your skin, making this a perfect serum for dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin.

In addition, stem cell culture media derived from placenta and umbilical cord contain various growth factors that can stimulate the cell regeneration, speeds up the healing process. 


How to Use

After cleansing, appling a toner (such as DRBB exfoliating toner) , apply a droplet of Essence serum all over your face, especially focusing on dehydrated or irritated areas, if any.

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