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Tightening and brightening sheet mask that feeds the skin with potent active ingredients mixed with tiny bubbles of CO2, boost blood flow to the surface of skin in just 5 minutes. Contains peptides derived from Botox which softens fine lines and tightens pores. Glutathione, spirulina extract and vitamin C calm and brighten the complexion.

Lekarka - Strobe Shine Mask (18ml x 5 sheet masks)


This is a special sheet mask you have never experienced before. The sheet and the serum come in two seperate compartments. Right before using it, you can mix the two to create fresh CO2 bubbles and pure vitamin C. Carbon dioxide molecular size is small enough to get absorbed into tiny capillaries, making our skin believe that it needs more oxygen, which then increases blood flow and nutrients delivered to the surface of the skin.

This mask contains peptides derived from Botox,  effective for softening fine lines and tightening the pores. Other hero ingredients include glutathione (amazing antioxidant) and spirulina extract (calming), not to mention everyone's all-time favorites,  such as  hyaluronic acid, hydrolized collagen and elastin. In addition, swiftlet nest extract is a rare ingredient amazing for hydration, reparing and reducing inflamation.


How to Use

1. Fold over the mask on the perforated lines and firmly press on the fluid (serum) chamber.

2. Once the serum goes into the sheet chamber, mix the sheet and the serum well so the sheet is completely soaked and you will see tiny CO2 bubbles forming.

3. Take out the sheet mask and place it on your face. Keep it on for 5-10 minutes. After removing the mask, you can continue your regular routine starting from your serums and your moisturizer.

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