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All of my facials are highly-customized to each clients' needs.
Tell me about your skin concerns. Ask me any questions.
I am here for everyone who has been searching for the ultimate destination for your skin care needs. At each appointment, I can also go over your at-home regimen and we will figure out what's missing and what we can do to achieve your skin goals. To provide long-lasting benefits after you leave the treatment room, you can always contact me whenever you have any questions or concerns.


60 mins | ¥11,000

Perfect for your monthly maintenance. This facial starts with cleansing and a thorough skin analysis, followed by personalized exfoliation & optional extraction, not to mention relaxing, lifting massages and a nourishing mask to soothe the skin at the end. Using carefully curated products that are well suited for your skin types and concerns. 


The Classic

90 mins | ¥15,400

You will have time for additional enhancements such as a personalized peel, microcurrent, LED light therapy, ultrasound, and iontophoresis to boost the results, depending on your skin's needs. Tell me about your concerns (acne, dark spots, pore congestion, dehydration, wrinkles...) and I will utilize the appropriate products and modalities so you can reach your goal faster. 


120 mins | ¥19,800

Treat yourself to this 2 full hours of relaxation. You will leave the treatment room fully refreshed and recharged with a glowing radiant skin. This highly-customized facial is a perfect solution for all your skin concerns. It utilizes a combination of effective modalities specially selected for you. My lifting, sculpting & lymphatic drainage massage will provide lasting results. 


CBD facial

60 mins | ¥11,000

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a natural compound found in hemp plants. It is packed with vitamins and essential fatty acids necessary for healthy skin. It also offers antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. In addition to relaxing techniques, you will experience various products infused with CBD to calm your mind, regulate sebum production, soothe inflammation and hydrate the skin. Come try this special facial to experience what the CBD hype is all about! It is safe for all skin types including sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Add-On Enhancements

These add-Ons will effectively enhance the results of your next facial! 

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