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Due to its long wavelength, Terahertz stone can help in improving circulation as well as eliminating blood clots.

1-3 Use the bigger side for jaw/forehead/cheeks.

2-3. Use the smaller side for eyes/brows and around mouth. 

3-3. Just by holding this roller, the electromagnetic vibration from the Terahertz stone promotes circulation on your palm and fingers. Make sure to switch hands when using Terahertz facial roller.


This will be your favorite tool in the morning to have a quick morning ritual and depuff your face to start your day beautifully. Other benefits are overall strengthens skin’s immunity, promotes lymphatic drainage, helps eye strain and tiredness of the eyes+depuffing, eliminates wrinkles and dark circles, brightens the look of your eyes relieves facial muscle tension especially on the forehead and jaw, calms down the nervous system. 

3-in-1 Royal Roller


Terahertz stone has the longest and the coldest cooling effect when it comes to calming down the skin and relieve muscle tension. No need to put in the freezer. Terahertz has wave frequency and ability to conduct both hot and cold thermal energy.

To see stone's reaction to cold, Take one ice cub and place it on top of your stone. You will see how Terahertz melts down the ice in few seconds. Rub the ice cube into both sides of your stone and dry it with clean towel/paper. Then enjoy your coldest and long cooling effect in the morning to depuff or in the night to calm down your nervous especially before going to sleep. If you want to keep using them as really cold, you can repeat ice cube rubbing to the stone.

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